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Trying to get this to run in VS 2015

Looking at trying to use Avalon Wizard in a new project (using VS 2015) and when I try to run the sample I get an error that states: "The type 'WizardMvvmBehavior' from assembly 'AvalonWizard.Mvvm'...

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AvalonWizard style

Hello, I am using AvalonWizard and I would like a wizard to look the same on every version of windows OS. Now the wizard style is based on OS version, I would like to stop this behavior and set d...

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Runtime warning (Action='Stop')

In the version 1.2.0 in runtime I got the warning (2 times, I assume per wizard page) System.Windows.Media.Animation Warning: 6 : Unable to perform action because the specified Storyboard was nev...

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Missing Alt + Left Arrow for the Back button and support of the 5-buttons-mouse

To meet the Aero Wizard specifications ( you need to add some features as already described here: http://avalonwizard.codeplex.c...

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Missing aero glow behing window title.

Like in any normal window or native Aero Wizard, there is a glow behind the window title. You can achieve this glow with this:

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Typo in WizardPage.

AllowFinsihProperty should be AllowFinishProperty. Can you also fix MainWindow.xaml? There is an extra <aw:WizardPage> that causes the demo to crash unless it is removed.

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Calling NextPage()/NextPageByName() in OnCommit of page recommits

Calling any of the nextpage variants inside a method where you're handling the commit event will result in the commit event being re-fired. I did not expect this. Reproduction: Make wizard with t...

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UI elements are not completely updated when NextPage is not user-initiated

I have a scenario where NextPage is called by a callback (e.g. a timer). In this scenario, some parts of the UI are not updated. I am attaching a sample application with two pages, the first page...

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Page in stand-alone file yields black rectangle

I would like to separate my wizard pages into stand-alone XAML files (e.g. FirstPage.xaml, SecondPage.xaml, OtherPage.xaml). However, when I add a wizard page created like this, the page does not s...

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Binding to elements on any other page than first fails

When I try to bind something to an element on any other page than the first in the XAML tree, the binding fails with the message: System.Windows.Data Error: 4 : Cannot find source for binding with...

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